Unique Patio Furniture Ideas to Personalize Your Home

Unique patio furniture dockside by the pool.

Your patio is yours and yours alone. It is not just a place to relax, it is a place to feel at home.

The most popular patio furniture materials are wood, metal, and wicker. They can be used in combination to create an infinite variety of styles from rustic to modern. Even with all of these options, it can be difficult to find  anything novel.

To break away from generic furniture and truly explore the possibilities, we created a gallery of some of our favorite patio furniture designs. We hope you use this guided gallery as inspiration for your own patio.


Unique Patio Furniture
Patio furniture with a fire feature.

Why make your amenities work around the furniture when the furniture can circle around the amenities? The center of this communing space is a fire pit, but the center of yours could be a flower bed, a table, or even a goldfish pond.

Unique patio furniture dockside by the pool.

With the convenience of a sofa and the comfort of a hammock, it’s a shame that these canoe-shaped outdoor beds are so hard to come by. This piece is both stylish and unique, and may inspire other unique backyard themes.

Dual chair design, "theatre seating" with a built in table in between

This dual chair design, which we affectionately call “theatre seating,” is perfect for dinner with a view. The setup is built less for conversation and more for enjoying an outdoor beverage. The integrated table with two chairs is also a great space saver for small porches.

Chairs made of shipping pallets.

At first glance, these outdoor chairs look like any other modern patio seating. However, the chairs are actually constructed out of shipping palettes. This subtle yet quirky idea is proof that there are many more design possibilities than first meet the eye.

Natural log cabin style bench.

Adding unstained, unpainted wood to your patio brings nature a little closer to home. This bench takes things one step further. In the log cabin style, the entire log is used instead of neatly cut pieces of wood. Though rudimentary, this bench has an unmistakable summer camp flair.

Two Adirondack chairs with cushions, comfortable enough to nap on.

Why should lounging be reserved for indoors? These outdoor lounge chairs are comfortable enough to snooze in. The lounge chair style can be made out of a variety of materials to suit any style.

U shaped patio furniture setup with a overhang for growing vines.

This deck does not have a ceiling, so the designers built one. This overhang can be used to hang lights, potted plants, wind chimes, or other things. It may even be a good place to grow vines. A similar design can be used as shelter from the sun and wind.

A patio couch molded from stucco.

There are some who say there is no such thing as too unique. That is probably what the artist was thinking when they molded a sofa out of stucco. This is our way of saying the sky’s the limit. Any idea can be shaped into a reality.  


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