Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Get You Started


Las Vegas is the perfect place to build an outdoor eatery with warm weather and sunlight year-round. A few choice improvements can make the experience even better.

Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Entertainment Center


By building a weatherproof spot for a TV, you can make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. Get your friends together to have a burger and watch the game in your outdoor sports zone. Make sure the TV is in view of the barbecue!

Fire Pit


Recent technology has made outdoor fire pits safer and cozier than traditional bonfires. An open or covered fire pit can be installed anywhere in your backyard, even into your countertop. The popular appliance provides warmth and charm, making your outdoor kitchen accessible year-round.



A wooden shade offers cover from the sun while letting the barbecue breathe. It can also be used to cover a dining area, play zone, hot tub, or other outdoor areas. Outdoor tables are often fitted with umbrellas, but a wooden shade is an excellent alternative as it does not block the view or get tossed around in the wind.

Open Shelves


Wide, easy-access shelves are the perfect setup for an outdoor kitchen. Everything is in view, making it easy to find and keep organized. The open format brings out the outdoor aesthetic, bringing everything closer to nature.

Full-Service Kitchen


What do you want to cook in your outdoor kitchen? Bacon and pancakes can cook on the stove while a pizza slides into the oven. Line up cold beers in the outdoor fridge right next to the tap. Your outdoor space is your chance to build your own kitchen, so let your imagination fly!

The designers and builders at Proficient Patios will work with you to create your dream outdoor kitchen. See more of the outdoor kitchen spaces we have created.