Top Five Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2022

May 03, 2022

An outdoor patio with an outdoor kitchenAs the weather continues to warm up, many homeowners are turning their attention to their outdoor living space. In particular, an outdoor kitchen is becoming a popular option among those looking to maximize their time outdoors. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your backyard with an outdoor kitchen, here are the top five ideas to consider.

1. L-Shaped Designs for Corner Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens can typically be found along a wall or edge of the patio to allow for plenty of ventilation and make the best use of space. For square and rectangular spaces, a corner offers the ideal space to set up your outdoor kitchen. L-shaped outdoor kitchens built to fit the corner of the patio can create a cohesive appearance that allows your outdoor kitchen to tie directly into the rest of your backyard.

2. Sinks, Refrigerators & More

A kitchen isn’t complete without a fully functional sink, refrigerator, and cabinetry to store your utensils and flatware, and neither is your outdoor kitchen. All of these design elements can be built into your outdoor kitchen design to provide you with a fully functional kitchen—just located outside! The whole idea behind an outdoor kitchen is to avoid having to run inside every few minutes to grab a plate, wash your hands, or find an ingredient. An outdoor kitchen designed with a mini-fridge, outdoor sink, and storage space can help eliminate the need for those constant trips inside.

3. Outdoor Kitchens with Bar Seating

Another space-efficient design that works well for outdoor kitchens is to add bar seating directly into the design. Your family and guests can gather around while you’re preparing food outdoors, allowing everyone to socialize and enjoy their time together. This works particularly well for larger spaces where you have the room for an additional countertop area.

4. Stainless-Steel Appliances

A trend in outdoor kitchen designs is the use of stainless-steel appliances. They can offer a sleek and modern aesthetic for your outdoor kitchen while also providing a durable surface that can hold up to the elements outside. In addition to the outdoor sink and the grill area, stainless-steel cabinet doors and trim work can create an attractive aesthetic that ties into the outdoor kitchen design—without giving your space a look that’s too industrial.

5. Natural Stone for Countertops and Facades

Complementing the stainless-steel aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen, granite countertops and stone facades can help balance out the look and style of the space. Natural stone facades can be designed to match your existing paver patio for a cohesive, finished aesthetic.

Custom Design Services for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Everybody’s outdoor living space is unique, as are their preferences and goals. Therefore, it’s best to consult with professionals to design your custom outdoor kitchen from the ground up. At Proficient Patios & Backyard Designs, we can help bring your outdoor kitchen ideas to life. Contact us today to get started.



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