The Three Elements of A Great Spa At Home

Jul 22, 2014

Adding an outdoor spa is a popular way to make a backyard or patio more inviting. It helps keep guests entertained while also providing a way for homeowners to come home and unwind. While incorporating a hot tub may not be simple, it can be made easier by following a few common tips.

1. Carefully Place the Unit to Allow Space

One of the best ways to utilize backyard or patio space is to ensure that space gets filled properly. It is difficult to try to entertain without having the space and accessories guests need when using the hot tub. To start, the owner must make sure there is enough room to comfortably and safely walk around the unit. This can be done by having it placed in a spot with an even clearance on each side. If the owner or another non-professional will be personally installing the spa, it is necessary to take every measure to safely move and place it.

2. Keep the Surroundings Lively and Well-Decorated

It’s not necessary for a homeowner to clutter the area surrounding the outdoor spa, but it should not be bare. Guests will enjoy areas to look at or interact with while relaxing. The area can be filled with lush plants or decorated with outdoor sculptures. A fire pit is a great way to allows guests to gather and mingle when not in the pool or spa in addition to providing them with a way to warm up once leaving the water and returning to the night air. The main goal should be utility, comfort and style wrapped into one. The backyard should be versatile enough for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors.

3. Prepare the Hot Tub for Cold Weather

If the hot tub will not be used during winter, it is absolutely necessary to winterize it to prevent damage to the unit, its plumbing lines and its pump. It is first helpful to drain the spa to prevent water from freezing and expanding to cause damage. The spa cover may need to be replaced at this time, as damaged covers may allow for sharper changes in temperature as well as the entrance of snow or moisture. The owners should also make a plan for any sudden loss of electricity caused by inclement weather. This could affect spa settings and the ability to filter and maintain proper temperature.

There are many tips owners can follow to ensure a safe and fulfilling hot tub experience. The best way to maintain an outdoor spa is to remain informed while also taking note of guests’ responses.

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