Lattice vs. Solid Patio Cover: Which Is Best for You?

Jul 07, 2021

A shady, misty patio cover in Nevada.When it comes to designing the perfect back yard for your Nevada home, there are many beautiful options available. However, one thing that you’ll find in most yards in the area is a shade structure of some kind. And for most homeowners, that means the classic solution: patio covers.

Like other aspects of backyard design, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to patio covers. The largest differentiator between styles is the roof design of different covers, with the two most popular styles being solid roofs and lattice roofs. Each offers a distinctive visual appearance and shade benefits, but which is best for you?

The Advantages of Each Patio Cover Style

Before discussing the benefits of each patio cover, it’s important to define what each is. A solid roof patio cover is self-explanatory, as they feature roofs that offer complete sun protection. A lattice roof patio cover is a little more flexible, with roof options that range from very tight lattices to wide, pergola-style ones. Ultimately, lattice roof patio covers will provide some level of partial shade, while solid roof patio covers create full shade.

Solid Roof

Because of the solid roof of these patio covers, they’re the perfect solution for areas of your yard that are in harsh, direct sunlight, or that are close to your home. With full shade throughout the day, the space under a solid roof patio cover will stay cooler than other areas of the yard, creating a relaxing area to sit under.

Lattice Roof

Thanks to the gaps in the roof of a lattice patio cover, this is an excellent choice for an area of your yard that isn’t too sunny or where you’d like some partial light, such as near a pool. Another great feature of lattice patio covers is that they won’t stop any breezes that blow through, allowing them to create comfortable airflow that can help keep you cool.

The Best of Both Worlds

Before you begin deciding between a lattice roof and solid roof patio cover, it’s important to consider another factor: you might be able to combine them into a combo patio cover! When you work with a competent outdoor living contractor like Proficient Patios & Backyard Designs, the design possibilities for your patio cover are practically endless. Not only can you combine a solid roof and lattice roof patio cover, but you can also optimize their layout to take advantage of your yard’s unique features. For example, you can add lattices to areas that have frequent airflow and add a solid roof in areas that are steeped in sunlight for maximum comfort.

Consider Adjustables

Besides a custom-designed combo patio cover that features both lattice and solid roof sections, there is another option for homeowners who simply can’t decide: adjustable louvered patio covers. These patio covers feature louvered slats that can be adjusted between open and closed at the push of a button, so you can change up your patio cover’s roof style whenever you please.

Find Out More Today

The truth is that there isn’t a one-size fits all solution when it comes to patio covers. Every home and yard are different, so finding the right option for your home is a lot easier when you work with the professionals. For homeowners throughout Nevada, the choice is clear: Proficient Patios & Backyard Designs.

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