Do Retractable Screens Keep Bugs Out?

Apr 12, 2022

A patio cover with retractable screens for adjustable shade.Retractable screens are a popular outdoor living product that many homeowners choose to add to their property. One of the top questions people have about retractable screens for their patio is whether or not these screens keep bugs out. The screens themselves are highly effective at keeping out mosquitoes and other bugs, and that’s a key reason why homeowners choose to add these to their homes. However, you’ll want to ensure your retractable screens are properly configured to create a complete enclosure for your outdoor living space.

Creating a Retractable Screen Enclosure

Retractable screens are a highly versatile outdoor living solution, as they can be extended when you want to keep the bugs out and retracted when they’re not needed. In order to keep out bugs, debris, and other nuisances, the retractable screens need to be part of a full patio enclosure. This means you’ll need a solid patio roof that also keeps bugs and debris from entering your space from above. A lattice roof or other open roofing system will negate the effect of having retractable screens in place.

Additionally, any time your screens are retracted is an opportunity for bugs to get in. Carefully planning your retractable screen enclosure, including when to retract the screens, can help you ensure the comfortable, bug-free space you’re looking for. For example, on colder nights, you may not have to worry about bugs at all, while on windy days, you may need the screen extended to keep debris from blowing in.

Why Choose Retractable Screens?

You may be wondering if retractable screens or fixed screens are a better option for keeping bugs out and creating the space you desire. The answer depends on what type of patio space you’re working with and how you’d like to use that space. Fixed screens can be built as part of a more permanent structure and can more easily be upgraded to a sunroom down the road. Meanwhile, some homeowners prefer the flexibility of retractable screens, keeping the space more of an outdoor living area. There are plenty of times when bugs and wind are not issues, and retracting the screens out of the way can allow you to enjoy more of the outdoors.

Retractable screens are also a great option for keeping the space clean and free of debris. Simply retract the screens and sweep away dust and dirt with a broom or use a blower to blow out the space before extending your screens again.

Turn to Proficient Patios & Backyard Designs

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